Working with Asbestos

If testing has confirmed the presence of asbestos in your home and you are starting renovation, demolition or repair work, you can:

  • Leave it undisturbed if it is in a good stable condition and won’t be impacted by the renovation work or
  • Engage an asbestos licence holder to put in place other options for dealing with asbestos such as sealing, encasing or complete removal.

Asbestos left undisturbed, in good condition or sealed is relatively safe – but if it is easily crumbled, broken down, or damaged or if you intend to drill it, sand it or break it up, it can be harmful and needs specialist attention.

Asbestos Aware strongly advises you to use professional asbestos removal companies to undertake the removal, transportation and disposal. They are fully trained and equipped to complete this work and to manage the clean-up. Residue from asbestos left in your home can cause health issues in the future – that’s why it’s so important to be asbestos aware.

There are certain types of work with asbestos containing materials that by law can only be carried out by a licence holder and their nominated supervisors or removal workers. WorkSafe manages the licensing scheme, under the Asbestos Regulations 2016.

There is a transitional plan in place for these operators who hold a Certificate of Competence for Restricted Work with Asbestos under the old legislation. This means those certificate holders can operate as an asbestos licence holder until 4 April 2018 or when their certificate expires - whichever comes first.

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